Faeries come in dark and light, sort of like us. They learn from pain and pleasure, also, sort of like us.

Within the realm of the faerie are creatures beyond imagination; beings who may either appear as the trickster, and try to shock you out of an apathetic state, or a being of love, hoping to help guide you on your path.

When I give a faerie reading, I usually connect to your guide from the faerie realm, and you have one there, most likely, if you are drawn to this type of reading.

When you receive guidance from the faerie folk, you are receiving information that will help you walk a path of service for the planet and her creatures; a path that helps to bring all the realms; faerie, humanity, and animal and plant realms, back into harmony.

The faeries have something to tell you… something that will help you to see, trust, and remember.

All readings are done through email.  Along with your reading, you’ll receive a follow up email in case you have any questions.



One Response to Faerie Readings

  1. Avril says:


    I desperately need a reading as my life at the moment is one big mess but I dont have money to pay for it. Would you be able to help me please.

    Kind regards

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