Angel Readings

Divine guidance comes to us from many sources, but sometimes we are too stressed out to understand we are receiving a message.

With an angel reading, you get clear, insightful and helpful information that will help move you along your spiritual path, to express the brightest version of your Self.

These readings are intended to help with emotional growth and spiritual transformation, and are typically not used for questions such as “Does ‘so and so’ want to ask me out?’ or “is my partner cheating on me,” or  “should I be an artist or a teacher?” These types of questions keep us focused on the outside world, and the promise of guarantees, and actually place limitations upon on.

Sure, someone may want to ask you out, but maybe they are not the best match for you.

And your partner may, or may not, be cheating on you, but the real question is not about cheating – it’s about communication and trust.

Maybe what matters is that you express love and creativity, and however you do that, artist or teacher, actually doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you trust and follow your heart.

This means letting go of needing a guarantee, and learning to open our own hearts to the voice of Divine Guidance that is always within us.

This makes us unstoppable, and opens us to that unlimited creative Source energy that works through us at all times!

How can I open my heart to love?
How can I have a clear understanding of the path I should be following?
What would it take to trust my own intuition?
How do I best attract abundance into my life?

These are the types of questions the angels want you to ask; questions that will open you to the unlimited possibilities than can bring you the greatest happiness; happiness that you can’t imagine when you ask a limiting question such as should I move to Florida or Maine?

Angel Readings are $56.00, are done through email, and include the reading (typically two to three pages in Word) and one follow up email in case you have any questions. Also, if you find yourself stuck about what question to even ask, you’ll receive support on how to find out what it is you really want to discover!

The angels are always seeking to guide us; always sending us messages, always giving us the answers. But sometimes we are just incapable of understanding due to stress, worry, or even a lack of confidence in our own abilities.

Don’t let your fears hold you back… the angels have got you covered!


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