Synchronicity Zone – Manifesting Reboot

Online Intensive

July 8th through 22nd

Are you struggling with the same issues you struggled with last year, and the year before?

Do you find yourself fascinated by spiritual teachings, but have no idea how to apply them in your own life so that they actually work?

Have you been looking for a magic formula because nothing else seems to work?

In the two week Synchronicity Zone – Manifesting Reboot, Rev. Deanna will be teaching, in-depth, the practical application of spiritual principles, that when applied, will change your life.

She’ll dive into:

~ What is a Synchronicity
~ What is the Synchronicity Zone
~ The place where you and Spirit meet
~ Universal Law
~ Creating a Divine Template
~ A step by step manifestation process
~ Common blocks and how to release them

Each participant will pick a specific goal, or issue, to work on through the course of the program, and be expected to participate in the homework exercises.

This two week intensive is ALL ONLINE in a Facebook group. There will be three Facebook live sessions each week, including Q & A sessions, along with Q & A and general discussion in the group. If you cannot make the live training, the videos will remain available for later viewing.


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