Angel Readings – Special Offer Just for My Readers

Divine guidance comes to you from many sources, but if you are too stressed out to understand you are receiving a message, what good does the message do you?

With an angel reading, you get clear, insightful and helpful information that will help move you along your spiritual path, to express the brightest version of your Self.

These readings are intended to help with emotional growth and spiritual transformation, and move you from a place of limitation to a place of empowerment, so you can follow your heart.

What matters is that you trust and follow your heart.

This means letting go of needing a guarantee (there are no guarantees), and learning to open your heart to the voice of Divine Guidance that is always within you.

This makes you an unstoppable creative force, as it opens you to that unlimited creative Source energy that seeks to work through you at all times!

How can I open my heart to love?
How can I have a clear understanding of the path I should be following?
What would it take to trust my own intuition?
How do I best attract abundance into my life?

If these are the questions you are asking yourself right now, then let the angels guide you to the unlimited possibilities than can bring you the greatest happiness as you express your divinity on earth right now.

Angel Readings are $65.00 (normally $95) and are done via email.

Once you pay for your reading, I’ll send you an email asking you your question.

The angels are always seeking to guide you; always sending you messages, always giving you the answers. Don’t let stress, worry, or fear keep you from receiving, understanding, and acting on this divine guidance.


2 Responses to Angel Readings Special Offer

  1. Pauleen Oakley says:

    I am interested in having an angel reading. I clicked on ‘buy now’ but could not find a box to write in my question. Thankyou for your help.

  2. Deanna says:

    Pauline, once you pay, I’ll receive a notification, and email you back. Thanks 🙂

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