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I have been interested in new age metaphysics my entire life. When I was a child, I thought I should be able to talk to my deceased grandfather, and move things with the power of my mind. In middle school, I discovered the only book in our library devoted to the study of parapsychology, and I read it over and over again. When I was a teen-ager, I started having precognitive and clairvoyant dreams, so I started keeping a dream journal.

In my early twenties, I joined a rock band so I could become a witchy rock star like Stevie Nicks. I had been working for a mortgage company, which wasn’t quite the right fit for me, so I became a massage therapist, and energy healer, because it was intuitive, yet also gave me the structure that I needed to be self-employed.

I soon discovered that the more I worked with energy, the more psychic I became, and I soon started sensing the presence of lower frequency entities, and the presence of light beings, there to offer assistance in clearing those lower frequencies.

Along with this increased awareness came increased activity in my own dreamtime, where I met angels, teachers, guides, and my Self – at a soul level – and gained access to information that I had no idea I had access to!

This eventually led me to study lucid dreaming, astral travel, developing intuitive and psychic abilities, the Akashic Records, shamanism, past lives, and crystal healing.

I have learned so much, and my life has changed many times since then. I am so happy and grateful for my many experiences, and all I’ve learned from the many teachers and guides who have crossed my path.

I now get to do something that allows me to experience my highest purpose, and that’s helping other spiritual seekers discover who they are at a Soul level, and start working with their Soul level gifts, so they can express as much light as possible.

I believe we are all here to carry as much light as possible while in a body, and living our Soul’s purpose allows us to do just that!


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